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  General sale conditions
  1. These sale conditions are applied to all purchase orders which are accepted by Holtmann & Schweiger GbR. Different conditions will be valid only if written.

  2. Our articles are not all original ones but of matching quality and the original code numbers are given for reference purposes only.

  3. No purchase order can be considered binding till we accept it by confirmation.

  4. Delivery is considered effected by remitting the goods to the carrier.

  5. Goods travel at customer's risk even when delivery term is free destination.

  6. Package is charged at cost price and not to be returned.

  7. Should any lack be found on the goods delivered and acknowledged by the supplier, same is only bound to replace the goods in subject at the same contractual terms, without any further refund of whatever additional charge and without any reduction or cancelling of the order.

  8. Claims and disputes regarding contractual terms or vices on supplying must absolutely be declared within the peremptory term of eight days from receipt of goods.

  9. Our prices are not compelling, prices are modified or confrimed before delivery with timely notice for the customer and valid our warehouse.

  10. Pictures and drawings included in our catalogue are not binding, our products can be modified without notice.

  11. Payments are to be made within the terms stated on the invoice and for the whole amount; further deductions are not allowed for whatever reason. If no other agreement goods have to be paid before delivering.

  12. Should any dispute arise the Court of Brakel shall have the sole jurisdiction.